No photography allowed

The Lightning Field is maybe the most famous work of land art in America (is famous land art an oxymoron? No shade intended, land artists of the world, only love from this corner of the internet. But that was an honest question) and I've been dying to go since I first heard about it in 2010 in an art class at LMU.

I finally made the trek this summer along with a gang of five friends who were great sports and gamely agreed to spend 30+ hours in the car with me as we journeyed to the high desert of New Mexico to see this work of art and (we hoped) some epic lightning storms.  

Photography is not allowed at the Lightning Field, so I drew our view from the beautiful wood cabin where we stayed instead. The colors in the desert were striking so it is too bad I wasn't able to capture those, but imagine sage greens and grey-blues and the way the light looks when it's about to rain.

Tip for anyone who wants to check out this work of art - spots fill up very quick and I highly recommend that you sign up at 12:01 am the day registration opens instead of getting up "early" (6:00 am) the day of and trying to register then, as I did the first time I tried to sign up to go in 2016 (I was informed all spots had been filled in the first 6 hours of the day and had to wait another year to sign up).

Felt tip marker. 2017.

Felt tip marker. 2017.