Ten years later...

Back in high school, my art teacher assigned a project where we had to rip up pieces of magazine pictures to create another picture. Easy enough. I started filling my 18 x 24 poster board with dime-sized scraps of magazine photos. It looked rad. Also, I burned out by the time I was half way done. The due date came and went. My teacher kindly gave me an extension - I had til the end of the school year to finish. That...also didn't happen. This poster board of shame sat under my bed in my parents' house for 10 years and every time I'd come home and see it I'd think - too bad I never followed through on that one.

HOWEVER, TODAY, TEN YEARS LATER, I finally sat down and finished the darn thing. BOOM. Next task - hunt down my art teacher's contact information and send her a photo. Maybe I'll still get partial credit?